Get to know me!

One of my schoolhorses - he is such a nice guy and like a master for my clients.
One of my schoolhorses - he is such a nice guy and like a master for my clients.

Hey, I'm Susn.

As a specialist in groundwork, I stand for people- and horsefriendly work with the horse on the ground and in the saddle.

As an expert in horse behavior and horse psychology, I help you to develop a truly trusting relationship with your horse and to provide horsefriendly training for your young horse, rehabilitation horse or even difficult horse.

As an experienced trainer, I support gymnastics for the benefit of the horse.

We will consolidate a team in which both the physical and mental balance of horse and rider comes first. The well-being and health of your horse is our common goal.

Are you familiar with that?

  • You have owned your (young) horse for a relatively short time and it turns out that it has either not been properly trained or has suffered a bad experience (trauma, abuse). You don't know much about your horse's history, but you want to give him a lifelong home with you. We find solutions to heal the horse.


  • You have experienced an accident or fall or another unpleasant situation with your horse and are now unsure how to get out of the vicious circle of fear-loss of trust-loss of control-fear. Together we will find the way out of the vicious circle and transform fear into trust.


  • You have been dreaming of diving into the horse world again or for the first time for many years, but you don't want to attend a conventional riding school. With me and my schoolhorses, they learn the basics of horse work on the ground and in the saddle.


  • Your horse has changed. Maybe you've changed stables or lost a horse buddy. Maybe you don't even know what's causing your horse's changed behavior. As an expert in horse behavior, I will find out and we will give your horse trust and satisfaction again.


  • Your horse has lost a lot of muscle due to illness or injury and you now don't know how best to proceed to build up muscles gently and sensibly, reduce tension, create balance and bring your horse back to harmony and well-being. Thanks to my years of experience and as an expert in gymnastic work on the ground and in the saddle, I can help you and your horse.


  • You have a raw horse and would now like to give it good basic training that is suitable for horses. “Giving away” for riding/basic training is out of the question for you, you want to be there and learn for yourself. I work according to old classical principles and attach great importance to peace and time. Horses learn during breaks. That’s why they are so incredibly important in training. The following applies: support but not excessive demands.


  • Your horse is under too much stress and is experiencing a kind of burnout. Yes, that happens with horses too. Appointments, tournaments, shows, hustle and bustle... the horse hardly has any rest and hardly any time left to be a "horse". It has problems relaxing, may no longer eat properly, breaks down (physically and psychologically) or takes out its frustration on herd mates or even on people. You can bring your horse to my stable and simply let it rest for a few weeks. We discuss exactly what this “cure” can look like. Light gymnastics, walks, lots of rest, etc.


  • Does your horse show behavioral problems such as biting, kicking, climbing or bolting? This is a scary feeling and you need someone with real horse sense on your side before anything bad happens. As a qualified therapist for horse behavior and horse psychology, I help your horse change his behavior.


  • You feel like your horse doesn't understand you. Or you don't understand certain things that your horse shows. Maybe you just want to be able to communicate more clearly? Learn the language of horses? As a communication and leadership specialist, I can show you what horses really need to understand us and what we humans can do to express ourselves more clearly. This not only helps us when dealing with our four-legged friend but also in our professional lives or relationships.

How would it feel if...

  • ... all fears, thoughts and doubts would suddenly no longer be a problem and you could finally work with your horse with pride and satisfaction? Could simply BE - your horse and you as a team and as friends.


  • ... you would know exactly how to act in supposedly difficult situations or questions? If you knew how horse-friendly gymnastics works and what real horse work means.



  • ... your horse would be in balance? Completely. If it would move with ease in balance with you, if it would be full of pride and beauty.


  • ... you suddenly understand your horse - and your horse understands you? Everything would be easy and you both would have fun together again.


  • ... you would ride without fear, full of trust in yourself and your horse?


  • ... you would be able to ride a young horse that was well trained right from the start? A horse that has learned the basics solidly?


  • ... your horse would finally be stable? If it had joined you as a leader and your interactions with each other were respectful and pleasant?

And this is where I come in.


Hey, I'm Susn.

Expert in equine behavior.

Horse trainer.

Encourager and solution finder.


Every paddock in the area was like magic to me when I was a child.

I sat at the fence for hours and watched the horses and ponies. When I sat on the back of the mare Priska for the first time at the age of 5, I fell in love with horses. Over the course of my life, they have repeatedly helped me through difficult periods of life, heartbreak, worries, fears or losses. But the horses were also in my life in the most beautiful and happiest moments.

I had my first foster horse as a 12-year-old girl.

At the time, the mare was considered unrideable, ill-bred and impetuous. Even back then, I worked self-taught, only based on my feeling and understanding of the mare from the ground and in the end I was able to ride her. That's how it started that difficult horses kept coming into my life.

In addition to various riding participations, which usually involved behavioral problems somewhere, I also had my own horses.

More than 15 years ago I had an accident with one of my horses:

My horse ran with me onto a road and into a car. The physical wounds healed, but my gelding and I were deeply afraid. During this time I learned everything imaginable about groundwork. Read specialist literature, attended courses and listened to my intuition and my horse. For me, groundwork became the key to regaining trust between my horse and me and was a tool to reduce fears on both sides.

I learned (and still learning) again and again from the horses, from good literature and studied horse psychology and horse behavior therapy at the Animal Psychology Academy in Marl (germany), which I successfully completed with a diploma. Further training / courses / lessons / inspiration / seminars from different personalities followed.


I am now married to the best husband in the world and we have a daughter.

In 2019 we took in a foster child who we are enabling to grow up in a loving family.


My work is my calling and it makes me happy every day to be able to help horses and people. I have made it my mission to educate. To raise awareness about the grievances in horse training.


Over the last 33 years, I have been able to help countless horses become healthy, happy and strong.

As we say in germany: If you love what you do, you never have to work another day.


Susanne Grun